by James Wallace Harris, Monday, May 8, 2017 Yesterday I wrote, “Are Republicans the Party of Darwin?” accusing conservatives of applying their understanding of Darwin’s observations on nature to justify the laws they were creating. Their laws always seem to back the strong against the weak. But I had a revelation in the middle of […]

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We are lost souls in the darkness trapped in an endless game of hide and seek Lonely scared time and pain have worn us thin We stumble fumble get turned around sense of direction lost Formless shapes pass us by push us bump us out of trajectory never stopping never speaking How will you know […]

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Remember those What Would Jesus Do? bracelets that were popular a few years ago? The rubber ones that came in different colours for every cause, and looked a bit like cheap, Made in China, knock-off anti-nausea bands? Lance Armstrong had a yellow one before Lance Armstrong turned out to be the poster boy for sociopaths […]

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New trucks added to the fleet in American Truck Simulator. International is a new manufacturer for me whilst the Coronado is a follow-on from the FLB. Both will get a proper write-up soon 🙂 International 9900i Freightliner Coronado

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Pittsburgh native Laurel Munshower left Steel City when she hopped on a plane to Dubai — and hasn’t looked back. Her travel writing is offbeat and thoughtful, and will help you flesh out your own travel bucket list.

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